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  Aghor Tradition  

The word Aghor literally means, that which is not difficult or terrible. Aghor, Aughad, Kapalik, Aghori, Aughar, Avadhoot mean the same. They indicate one which is simple and natural state of consciousness. Spiritually does not require any special knowledge, faith, worship or ritual. All it requires is inspiration, determination and perseverance and patience. There is no place for feelings of fear, hatred, disgust or discrimination in the eyes of an Aghor. Aghor with constant practice when the soul is established in that state, such a person becomes an Avadhoot regardless of his path. An Aghoreshwar is an Avadhoot who has gone through all the various stages of Aghor and they have returned to the society for the benefit of others. Even though an Aghoreshwar remains above and beyond all social and material illusions, distinctions, and categories, he can bring many social reforms into effect.

Realizing his divine nature, retaining the carefree, unattached. Aghor state of being, he may have at the same time the appearance of one observing the contemporary social norm rather than a recluse. The term Aghor goes back to the farthest reaches of time. One of the five faces of Shiva (Pashupati) was known as Aghor. The word is as oldest legends, there is a hymn to the glory of SHIVA PURANA one of HINDU`S oldest legends, there is a hymn to the glory of Shiva by Pushpadanta, head of the Gandharvas, called the SHIVA MAHIMA STOTRAM. One of its verses is “AGHORANNA PARO MANTRA NASTI TAT TWAM GURO PARAM.”


The very name of Aghor is a mantra that is above all other mantras. There is nothing higher to be known than the real nature of the Aghor Guru. This was lord Dattatreya. Many other saints and mahatmas who embodied this Aghor state arose at their destined times in history, while at other time the Lineage became to be communicated in Guru-Disciple relationships. They lived alone, in seclusion. They lived in the caves in mountains. For some, their search to be alone drew them to cremation grounds where people go for a little time only. How ever a Aghor Sanyasi , Aughad , Avadhoot is under no such limitation. He does dismantle such boundaries. Take the Lord Buddha who also did Aghor Sadhana. He set up a new order suited to those time climate. He spoke with crystal clarity. Just as we need a modern physician and a modern ruler, we need modern Aghor saints and Aghor Gurus who prescribe what is relevant to the time.

It is their prescription that will work. Such men are born in every age, in every society, in every religion. They know no boundaries, no limitations. They wear no threads, observe no rituals. They are neither attached, nor limitations. They are beyond purity and impurity. The timeless lineage of Aghor Siddhas in Nepal and India has been flowing like the Ganges of wisdom from time immemorial. Pashupati Area (Kathmandu) and Kashi is known as the City of Shiva. This lineage of the Aghor Siddhas of Kashi has emanated from Lord Shiva himself. This lineage has produced unparalleled spiritual giants at various times. In Nepal Aghoracharya was the first known Siddha at the time of Aghor Bhairavacharya in kasha (5th-6th centuries).


Aghoracharya Baba Kinaram

This lineage had continued in a sleepy state, as if embers under ashes. In the 16th century Baba Kinaram after receiving darshan with Guru Dattatreya in Girnar mountains, awakened it for the welfare of the humanity at large – embers hidden under the ashes began to glow again. In the presence of Baba Kinaram spontaneous relief was received by the suffering, answers to questions came automatically, and mind experienced calmness naturally. One would experience the higher Self merely by being in his presence.

Baba Kinaram traveled far and wide in all the four corners of India & witnessing the suffering of people, engaged himself whole - heartedly in

alleviating their suffering. Finally on the bank of the river Ganges in Varanasi, he established his dhuni (sacred fire) and continued his sadhana of service.

The akhand dhuni (continues burning fire ) of Baba Kinaram fed by the leftover wood from the near by cremation grounds, and the samadhis (tombs) of all the siddhas of the lineage in the same compound, are witness to the continuum of this intact lineage of Aghor Siddhas. Today, this yoga -bhumi (land of sadhana ) of Aghor Siddhas of Kashi (Varanasi) is called Kring Kund where we could get the blessings of Maharaj Shree Kinaram babajee’s Samadahi.

Aghoreshwar Bhawan Ramji

In the 19th century one of the greatest souls took birth in this “Aghor Guru-Disciple” tradition. He was Aghoreshwar Bhagwan RamJee, who was born on September 21, 1937, in Gundi village of Bhojpur district of Bihar. He was born in a zamindar's (landlord's) family. Aghoreshwar was the only child of his parents -- mother Lakhraji Devi and father Baijnath Singh. Before his birth, the mother had a dream that the child she is going to give birth would not be an ordinary person. After the completion of the nine months period he was born and as soon as he touched the earth he sat on his aasan and breathed fire from his mouth, chamaran ( the lady helper) ran away shouting that a demon has taken birth. At the same time his Grandma said, he must be the god and not the demon so his father named him `Bhagwan' (God). Instead of going to school he used to gather children and perform prayers in village and he installed a 'Shivalinga' in it and started worshipping.

For the first time perhaps, spiritualism has been made applicable for the common men of the society in such a lucid way. The views may appear different from the orthodox ones, but they are significant, refreshing and enlightening to all. Aghor tradition in the simplest form is introduced to the society for the welfare of the human beings. There is no caste and creed in the Ashrams based on the Aghoreshwar`s principles.

He took 'Aghor Diksha'(initiation) from Baba Rajeshwar Ram Jee (the 11th successor of Maharaj Shri Kinaramjee) at an early age. Baba spent many years in sadhana. He wandered as a sadhu from place to place, he undertook various practices until his self realization while still in his early teens. After that time he turned his attention towards the society, particularly towards the poor and the suffering who sought him out wherever he went.

Like a true reformist, Aghoreshwar brought changes in the Aghori practices in tune with the modern times. He always challenged the myths and pomp and show associated with current religious and social customs and practices. "The Shastras (holy texts) have brainwashed you. Ignore them," Aghoreshwar would preach time and again.

The ashrams founded by Aghoreshwar are not a burden to the society. The devotees labour themselves.He established three institutions Baba Bhagwan Ram Trust Shri Sarveshwari Samooh and Aghor Parishad Trust.He amalgamated Aghor sadhana with human service.After rendering life long service to the destitute, depressed and the exploited people and Lepers, Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram Jee took Maha-Nirvan on November 29, 1992 in Manhattan, New York, U S A.Inspired by the teachings of Aghoreshwar, today there are many Ashrams and organizations through out India and some in other countries .

Aughad Singha Sawak Ram

The first disciple shree Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram was Aughar Singh Sawak Ram who was also a greatsoul who following the footsteps of his Gurudevajee served his life in the service of mankind.

On Magh Krishna Austami 1978 B.S (1921 A.D) Shree Aughar Singha Sawak Ram Babajee was born in Pathar, Janapad – Bhojpu , Bihar (Nanihal) to maintain the spiritual equilibrium and to keep the humanity alive in this modern age of science. He was born in Ujjan Bansha kshatriya Rajbansha in famous Bikramaditya`s kul . He was very intelligent, loveable, truthful, sincere and has the sense of love for justice. He had his primary education in Ayar (parental house ) and middle class education in Pathar (Nanihal). He scored 1st division in his high school examination. His intellectual father late Shree Gopi Singh sent our Baba to the famous Vidhya Sagar collage, Calcutta University for his Graduation.

In the journey to Himalayas he walked towards Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan, Gadwal, Komau, Achham and Nepal with his lists of questions; like Who is the unknown ruler of our life? How the creatures take birth ? How the earth, sun planets are originated ? How human came to earth? What is the aim of the whole universe ? How does the change take place in universe ? Why are present creature getting weaker and weaker ? Who is the administrator of the whole natural phenomena ? What is the similarity between all types of animals in the animal kingdom ? At last he had the curiosity that what is the base to find all the answers of the questions ? He came through many great souls during his tour but couldn`t get the answers to his questions ; so was in big thought .He then decided to live in his own village for the social work.

In 1966 when the auspicious time came in his life “The Darshan of the Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram Babajee” in Parao Ashram where he was praying in the peaceful Brahmanisthalaya. At this time he did not even know how and why he was praying there ? At that very moment he had special experience that his eyes were dull , heart was beat less and he felt nothing in his body. He was not in himself. He was enlightened, He had all the answers of his questions. He had the satisfaction for his longing thirst and couldn`t express his feeling in words.

After this he left all his past life and getting the “Diksha Mantra and Gyan (Lesson)” from the Guru Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramjee, He was sent to “ Hariharpur Ashram” for 10 years Sadhana. He as a Aghor Sadak fulfilled all his spiritual duties and also gave the example of the social work to the people of Hariharpur. After, Guru`s order to leave the place he than again started his journey to many places.

He than thought of giving people a systematic way of help and established “Aghor Sewa Mandal ” in 1977 A.D and the “Girnar Ashram” was also built there in Dildarnagar, Gazipur (Head Office). After this he started many more branches of the Aghor Sewa Mandal. Ashram Himalaya ki Godh,Campty (Masuree ) Uttarchal (last ashram) .Then Shree Guru Maharajjee for the fulfillment of the National education, he started the Primary education development programme. The Avadhut Bhagwan Ram MahaVidhyalaya was established in 1990 A.D and is in full bloom due to it`s excellent result .

Shree Guru Maharajjee spread the Aghor message of the humanity for the mankind. He did many social reforms in the society. He helped during natural disasters like earthquakes, flood, Landslide etc. He also helped the orphans, poor and the indigenous.

After his Guru`s Samadhi (Aghoreshwar Baba ) Baba stayed in India only but he had visited Nepal several times. His last visit to Nepal in 2001 A.D was after the Ashrams were built by his beloved disciple our Baba (of Nepal ). He was very happy and was satisfied from the social work started by our Ashram (Nepal) based on the Aghoreshwar`s teaching in the leadership of our GuruDeva. He blessed many devotees families of our Ashram.

He spent his last days of his this human life in “ Himalaya ki Godh ” Masuree (The last Ashram he had built ). On the Bhadra Shukla Panchami (Rishi Panchami ) 2059 B.S. on Wednesday dated 11th September 2002 A.D he left his human body and merged into the supreme being for ever and ever.

Avadhoot Baba Mangal Dhan Ram

Avadhoot Baba Mangal Dhan Ram was sent to Nepal by Guru Devajee Aughad Singha Sawak Ram (Sudharma Baba) to establish the “AghorGadhi” and to continue the tradition of Aghor Siddha which was during 5th and 6th century in Nepal.

He established Shree Parameshwari Kendra and Shree Ma Guru Nari Samooh in (Nepal) and established the two Gadhis one in “Sudharma Ashram” and the other is the special one for the woman in “Aghor Kuti” to fulfill the objective of the organization for the service to all living creature.

To expand the service internationally he registered the organization called “Shree Aghoreshwar Maanav Sewa Mandal”, Bhagwan Ram Ashram in India( boarder area, Nautunoa).

Aghor Saint Baba Shiva Ram

To give the continuity of “Guru-Disciple tradition” in Nepal after the establishment of the Guru Gadhi.

The Aghor Saint Baba Shiva Ram was borm in Saptashor village, Khotang district, Nepal been practicing the Aghor Sadhana in Aghorkuti, Shivapuri.

He is the chairperson of Shree Parameshwari Sewa Kendra and the administrator of Shree Ma Guru Nari Samooh.


Shree Parameshwari Sewa Kendra
Sudharma Ashram
Dhaksi, Ward No 8,
Matatirtha, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Shree Ma-Guru Nari Samooh
Aghor kuti, Bishnu Dwar Shivapuri,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
General Post box-8633,

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